ISH initiative on

 a critical review of the existing Indian Standards

pertaining to hydraulic engineering
Dear members,

    As you are aware, the Indian Society for Hydraulics has been active in the fields of dissemination of technical information, since the last 25 years. This is accomplished by way of organizing conferences, short courses and publishing journal and newsletters. It also encourages its members with various prizes for excellence in the fields of research and contributions to the technical literature.

During the course of discussions at some of the past meetings, several members had expressed a feeling that the activity of ISH should expand in other areas beyond journal publication and conferences. A suggestion emerging from the discussions at the first meeting of the Executive Council held in March 2018 was concerning initiative to be taken by ISH with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) regarding critical review of the existing Indian Standards in the areas of hydraulic engineering. 

As you may be aware, the process of establishing an Indian Standard is very exhaustive and involves a large chain of circulation, discussion and examination at various levels and takes quite a few years for the finalization and publication.  In your professional capacity, while working as engineers in the fields of construction, design or maintenance, as consultants and advisors or as teachers, you may be dealing with several Indian Standards pertaining to your disciplines. Quite often, you might have realized that a particular standard was perhaps not bringing in the latest practice in the field, or probably was found to be conflicting with general practice or with other standard or it was rather too difficult in general practice to implement its recommendations. You might have also felt the need of reconciliation with the Bureau of Indian Standards. However, as an individual, you would have postponed or deferred it for the time being and hoped for an appropriate action by some renowned institution to take up this matter with BIS in future. It is proposed, as in the last meeting of the Executive Council, that ISH would take this initiative with BIS, of course with the input of relevant information from its members, as mentioned above.

To illustrate this with a few examples; some of the standards requiring updating, revision or redrafting are: IS 4997:1968 on stilling basin for spillways requires updating with newly evolved designs, IS 6934:1998 on high ogee overflow spillways requires revision by replacing old practice with recent advances, IS 6934:1998 on aeration demand requires replacing old procedure with newly developed procedure and IS 6966:1989 on barrages requires modification for determining discharge coefficient. Similarly, some standards pertaining to river training works and protection of sea walls and break waters require more detailing with modern practice and materials. The above are a very few cases for illustration only; however, this can be supplemented by inputs from the members from their own experience.

It is therefore proposed to invite all the members to share their experiences in dealing with the various standards by way of short notes describing the difficulties faced by them as also their suggestions for updating, revision etc.

The ISH would then compile this information, verify and take up this matter with the Bureau of Indian Standards for possible cooperation for fulfilling the objective.

With this in view, ISH requests all the members to send the information as mentioned above. For facilitating this, the ISH web site,, would contain a link named “Members forum” where any eligible member of ISH would be able to place his views on the topic above. A member would also be able to view the comments by the other members, which would enable him to edit his remarks /avoid duplication etc.

Your observations may be recorded in the following format:

Ø     Serial number and title of the Indian Standard 

Ø     Your experience in regard to implementing  the recommendations given in the standard giving pertinent details

Ø     Suggestions for revision, updating etc. giving relevant source of material, publication etc.


                                                                                               Membership number:

Cooperation of all members of ISH is requested to enable ISH for a successful initiative.