Organization Profile

The country's water, energy, transportation and other allied developmental fields have witnessed growth in crests and troughs over the past few decades. What India, for many years, lacked was a centralised governing body to chronicle, archive and scientifically anaylse the effectiveness and impact of new technologies in these core infrastructural sectors. The field of Hydraulics Engineering, a key discipline that bridges the infrastructural channels of an economy, was in dire need of a presiding authority to bring order and a measure of planned structure to the process of growth. Standardization of procedure and appropriation / delegation of accountability for these high-investment sectors was also essential, given the long-drawn timeframes typically associated with engineering projects undertaken on a national scale. The answer was provided in the form of ISH - Indian Society of Hydraulics (ISH) - a technical, educational, non-profiteering national organisation, established in 1992 to serve as a common platform for engineers, scientists and technical personnel working in hydraulics and other allied fields. ISH was primarily conceived to foster a sense of understanding and connectvity amongst fellow techies, to help them be on the same wavelength of thought and work with singular focus towards common goals. ISH helps technical personnel stay abreast with the latest development in hydraulics by organising regular meets, symposiums, gatherings and seminars. The body also makes it a point to recognize outstanding achievements in the field, by giving away awards to the deserving. The ISH headquarters are located at Central Power and Research Station in Khadakwasla, Pune.